Monday, January 14, 2008

Osama Traumas Over the Long Turn

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For some reason 1% is given as the percentage of potential nasty persons hiding amongst the 3 to 4 million Muslims in this country. My guess is that number is ridiculously high, as most who immigrate to this country have found it to be a great place, or at least, a lot better than where they came from. I assume this, because most of them have the option of going back to where they came from, and they are not taking it. Here's part of a response of mine in the The Union newspaper to one who was fearful of Islamic snipers popping up from behind billboards like just so many Southern Sheriffs of yesteryear.

"I'm not sure there's any reason why your number of 1%
would be any more accurate than mine, but even if we use your number, the rest of the USA way outnumbers them. Should any small groups start a shooting war guess whose got the most guns and the most people who know how to use them? Besides, a couple more mall and campus shootings and everyone will begin carrying a nicely balanced tire iron and will be well practised in how to throw it.

I am much more worried about a nuke in the keel of a FedShip (super classy motor yacht) or old tramp steamer in a harbor. If Osama's goal is disable the USA, the only way that would work would be massive explosions in all our ports. 75% of the population of the USA lives within 75 miles of the seacoast. Remember Osama's thinking long term, 20 to 30 years is nothing to him.

The other problem is of course, if nukes go off, you cannot assign blame, as there is no evidence left to show who made it. Even if it is an obviously sophisticated Russian made H-bomb, there is no way of telling who go it here. What are we going to do if even one goes off ? Bomb every country on the planet ?

We need to diffuse the situation ASAP by going energy independent, and driving the price of oil into the toilet by all means possible, including of course researching and developing and spreading world wide, much cheaper and cleaner forms of fuel, most likely based on the sun, one way or the other. Nuclear graphite pebbles are nice as a safer source of energy, but they are not cheap enough to drive the oil back into the ground, which is what we need to defang the Osamareaneans. Better scrubbers for coal plants ? Gotta do something.

PS, if we can afford to lose 3,000 Americans every month to car crashes, without affecting the economy or emotional balance of the USA, the external terrorists have got a huge hill to climb to do anything to bring the USA down. What's the difference to the victim and their family between a sniper bullet and a police chase that broadsides their car ? Just as dead, just as unpredictable, and just as unavoidable.

Of course, if you equip police vehicles with forward firing paintball guns using globs the size of tennis balls, and offer a reward to cell phones that call in the location of the fluoresent splashed vehicle, we could avoid many high speeed chases. Another Keachie Koncept for the public domain.

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