Friday, February 10, 2006

Finding Danish Products has turned into more of a ...

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Finding Danish Products has turned into more of a problem than I thought. I got the cookies ok at K-Mart. I got some crackers at Raley's. I got nothing at the local Safeway, a smaller branch. I got cheeses at SPD, our locally large sized super market. Nowhere, not even in the liquor stores, could I find Tuborg beer. Nowhere could I find Danish hams or bacon or canned seafood.

So, Danish marketing reps, you've got virgin territory waiting for you in Nevada County, California. While we don't have 72 markets, you'll probably find at least 30 to 40 in which wares from Denmark could be placed. I have yet to check out Ralph's and Albertson's. I don't know what is available up in Truckee, but Nevada City and Grass Valley are something of a desert, a real Wylie E Coyote Islamic land when it comes to Danish products, sort of a cartoon, you might say.

I'd envision a marketing campaign based around crossed American and Danish flags, real ones at the displays, and stickers for the products. I'll be working on my cookie messsage photos soon, the ones where Danish cookies are used to spell out patriotic slogans, or make funny cartoons.

I guess I'll have to pick up the beer when I go down to the Bay Area this weekend to watch my daughter try her first triathlon. There are stores in Berkeley that specialize in having every beer known to man, which is getting harder, given that there are so many micro-brews.

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