Wednesday, February 08, 2006

World Politics is Literally a Big Cartoon

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World Politics is Literally a Big Cartoon Danish with a Triple Expresso

The graven image of the Prophet has now been found at the Supreme Court. Right next to Goofy on one side, and Donald Duck on the other. The Three "?????????" ? Oh my goodness, one of our cultural values is not ramming planes into buildings. Just as the Arab leaders and clerics are not apologizing for that, so I see no need to apologize for poking fun at the crazies rioting in their own countries and killing their own people and destroying their own spaces in the process. WE ALL JUST HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS. Get over it.

Cartoons are not the problem. Killings and maimings are the problem. I think the Israelis have the right idea, walling off the problem, since the other side is behaving like the aliens in Independence Day.

"What do you want us to do?"
"Die, we want you to die!"

When I get back into town I will buy up a couple of boxes of Danish cookies, and some Danish ham and Danish bacon, and a large set of Legos building blocks.

In addition to eating these items, I will photograph them, and encourage everyone I meet to create a shortage of Danish goods in this country. Ah, the power of the American consumer.

You can use the cookies to spell out messages by forming letters with groups of them. You can used cookies + the Legos to make drawings of your favorite prophet (I never know how to spell his name) perhaps with a mushroom cloud for a hat. By putting such jpgs on websites and Flickr, etc, we can rejoice in shared values here, without being tracked on Google by terrorists.

Recently a rock star was on the cover of some magazine portraying himself as Jesus Christ. Nobody rioted. Pat Robertson didn't even aim a hurricane at him. Our USA generic Christian God seems to have a better sense of humor than Brand X across the sea.

"A Rolling Stone Gathers no Mosques....."

"Let's Spend the Fight Together," seems to be near the top of the charts these days, how did I wind up on this planet ?

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