Friday, February 17, 2006

Teachers, Snow, Pets & Memorials

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I have finally found an index of whether or not a society values its teachers. I haven't figured out and acronym yet, but here is the general concept:

When a society values its teachers, it guarrantee them a parking space within a 2 block walk of the school, assuming the school is in a relatively safe neighborhood. If it is not, then an escort should be available, summoned either via cell phone or by one of the newer walkie talkies which are both cheap $70 a pair with chargers, private, over 2,200 channels, and powerful (good for 1/2 mile through 3 story buildings).

It's snowing today at the ranch, and so I'm going to have to put off putting up our first online pet memorials, at least on the reality side here at Misty Canyon Ranch. "Friends and Roses" is turning into "Frosty Roses" for the moment. It is hard to pound in the PVC stake holders for the reality based memorials. Even the dogs don't want to go outside when it gets below 40 degrees. Xena the Cat is happily ensconced in the little cabin, which is probably costing us a buck a day to heat, but it keeps the place really to go for the weekends when we have guests up.

Dog walking is getting popular, given our proximity to the Bay Area and our Craigs List exposure.

Back on the acronym, I really like the sound of VALET, in which the "T" can be for teacher, the "V" can be for value, and I'll have to think about the rest. "E" for excellent ?

"Value And Love Excellent Teachers ?"

"value and protect excellent teachers ?" vapet guard vaget vaset secure oh well, you get the idea.

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