Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strange Search Results

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Now I'm beginnning to think that World Politics is like a croissant with a triple expresso, and a side of Danish ham. Shehann, recently a guest of Diane Feinstein at the Prexy's Sate of the Onion speech, has just apparently announced that she's running against Di Fi. Unclear on the concept, warped by the media, wrapped up in her own ego. Oops, she just changed her mind as I typed this. Boxer talked her out of it.

The Wylie E. Coyote Lifetime Achievment Award will go to the first terrorist to blow himself up protesting the cartoons in Denmark....

Anyway, strange search results. I noticed that several searches returned a lot of "Best of" results when using Google. Often times the best of was repeated many times, or the subject was repeated many times. Is this a catch phrase for Google which the spammers are onto ?

Another situation. A Blog named something Hannah, which apparently automatically aggregates everything it can find about any mention of the word Hannah, especially Darryl , and then makes a Ractor like attempt to string it all together into one crazy essay. Ractor was an artificial intelligence software effort to write poetry from the 80's. Chiefly known for, "The Policeman's Mustache is Half Constructed."

Wierd stuff like this is going to make searching for stuff yet harder. Protect your machines....

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