Sunday, February 19, 2006

HTML laboriously self taught through experimentation and more cartooning.

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Now, where was I with cartoons ??? The one I heard about the other day inspired me to be an equal opportunity potshot artist, and take down my Cheney Special and see what else might fall prey to the mighty pen of this descriptive writer. Cartoonists, please feel free to create these in reality, and please let me see and post the results.

1st let's do the the Star Wars fans with Yoda in ghetto clothing and a bomb turban, "Yoda da BomB!" reads the caption. Dittos for Buddha, same outfit, "Buddha da BomB!" Both names lend themselves beautifully to the slang. The Christians are a little harder, and maybe not so insulting, but I shall try. Picture a cave opening, and a large boulder, recently plainly moved from the front of the cave. Chiseled on the large boulder ????

"Jesus Rocks !"

I wonder when the crowds around the cube in Mecca will be intercut with NASCAR races, with the Prophet Mohammed in the lead car, all the other religious leaders in a massive pileup behind him... Us Americans just wantta have fun...

A long time ago I pointed out the big difference between the cultures is the inability of the Muslim/Islamics to laugh at themselves, and certainly not to tolerate us laughing at them. They do not want to be as happy go lucky as us. They want us to be as miserable as them, or even more miserable. Or gone. I think all churches, Temples, Mosques etc. should issue disclaimers about parts of their favorite religious texts that they are not honoring, which might cause problems for non-believers. Only neophyte "wet behind the ears," true believers actually think the world is going to end, and everybody not in their group is as good as dead already, and can be treated as such. Their leaders know differently, but use such notions to sway mobs for evil purposes.

I learned in Anthropology a long time ago at U.C. Berkeley that some cultures just are not wired to be happy. A PhD student went to the field to study a group, stayed there for a year or two, and came back totally depressed. His fellow students had all had good times elsewhere. He felt awful, but was vindicated a couple of years later when another anthro PhD candidate studied the same group, and came back with the same depressing results. The group just had never worked out very happy ways of getting along with one another.

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