Sunday, February 19, 2006


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"Spogging," "Spogger," a verb, "to Spog" is my set of terms for those blog sites set up with newspaper articles and nothing more, that are basically billboard flytraps for the unwary. Bogs and quicksand for catching consumers, that's all they really are. A cute one uses nothing but titillating stuff garnered from police blotters across the country. The North San Juan clipping talked about naked ladies running in the street outside the Brass Rail, our local tavern. The whole point of the blog was to sell bar stools. Sheeesss! See about three posts back for a more thorough description.

Now my blog has disappeared ! I can edit, but I no longer have a home page. I hope this is just a function of a server being backed up !


Anonymous said...


Forgive me, but Spogging is already well know and reserved word for those in the PUA community how tune into women looking at them

Remove your ref!

Anonymous said...

So Dude,

WTF at the PUA Community ?