Friday, February 10, 2006

How can we improve our service ???

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For starters, if your voice bot can listen and process numbers and some words, then it can adjust the volume of music on hold ("louder," "softer"). This would allow you to be sure you were still connected. Of course the big firms would generally prefer that you just go away, or use their online services, WHICH CAN"T ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS BY ANY MEANS. In fact the voice bot could presumably allow you to pick the material listened to, at least in terms of broad catagories, like classical, jazz, hiphop, country, blues, or just CNN news, etc.

Back in the eighties MS used to list the approximate wait time. Now only a few firms offer this curtesy. It ought to be a requirement by law. "yes mighty corpco, we have lots of ideas about improving your services, are you listening? would you like to buy a bridge...."

Basically we overthrew the USSR, only to have our mighty corpcos inflict on us the very waiting lines that used to be the hallmark of the forces for evil.

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