Saturday, February 18, 2006

I've got a bad feeling about this.......

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I've got a bad feeling about this.......

I punched in "North San Juan" (our tiny gold rush town of population 125) into and noticed an alarming new trend. Many of the results are blogs that consist of news articles with links to the full story, which usually contains one of their (the blog's publisher's) key word items. For example, one of the stories dragged up by Tankless Waterheaters did indeed contain a reference to a small business in North San Juan that in passing mentioned those kinds of water heaters. The rest of the site consists of nothing but news stories, and links to ads, or directories of ads.

There is nothing written by a person other than newpaper reporters at the site. I suspect that since numerous sites are following the same pattern, it is entirely possible that these sites are concocted by software bots. The sites are littered with links to things to buy, or to info lists with things to buy. If these sites are being produced at an alarming rate, then soon you will be hard pressed to find any site written first hand by a human.

I was looking for Yuba City High School articles and wound up at a site ostensibly catering to home school mom's, following the same general pattern.

Today we had two marvelous sections of snowfall at Misty Canyon Ranch, and I photographed Misty and Katrina romping through the meadow, and roses peeping through snow and ice. "Friends and Roses," our online pet memorial site, will soon have its wintertime logo. Friends and Roses can be found at .I'll be going up the hill this week to add to our Cal-Digital collection of ski & snowboard photos. The triathlon photos from the Bearathlon are up, at the same link, .

I really find Bode Miller's recovery during the super-G the most amazing piece of skiing I've ever seen. At those speeds, on that rugged a course, with his leg behind him, to keep neither the tip nor the tail from touching the snow and spinning him into a stretcher/tobaggan, he truly is one for the record books. I think he must have thought he missed the gate, which I don't think he did. Bode could have continued racing, although with no chance of placing. Hat's off and many low bows to Bode Miller, who does know how to ski.

Darren Ralves also deserves kudos, as does Mancuso, as well as Hall, the snowboarder, our semi local heros.

Does the ghetto cartoonist really exist who did the cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with the now infamous turban, all dressed in gangsta clothes, with his hommie saying, "yo da bomb!" ? I heard a rumor to that effect at a health club in town today. Our local cartoonist entered the Holocast contest in today's "The Union" and R L Crabb managed to hit the spot with a Rabbi telling the masses about a gigantic hoax that he was planning to fool the world into believing the Holocast happened. . I especially liked the line about "the great humanitarian Hitler and his Nazi Missionaries."

Since the Prophet has be painted and drawn down through the ages, by those of the Muslim/Islamic faith (what is the distinction here(?), I don't even know the differences between most Protestant groups) I don't quite see why every paper on the planet just doesn't just go ahead and publish it all and get it out of everyone's system.

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